Deck Care & Maintenance

Deck Care & Maintenance

Basic Cleaning Recommendations for PVC & Composite Decks

With your new “low maintenance” PVC or composite deck, it is acceptable to use a pressure washer for cleaning. Be sure to use a low pressure (under 1500 PSI) pressure washer with a wide angle (no less than 30 degree) tip. Using a pressure washer over 1500 PSI or one with less than a 30 degree angle increases the risk of cutting into the deck board. Remember to always spray at a slight angle and not straight down at your decking. We recommend having a pressure washer that allows you to add soap or other detergents to wash your deck. Upon completion of your deck build, FSBD will use soap and water to pressure wash your deck. It’s suggested that power washing your deck (2) times a year is best. A good rule of thumb is to pressure wash it at the end of fall before Winter sets in and once Winter breaks and spring has arrived.

Do not use rubber or plastic mats directly on the surface of your PVC/composite deck boards if they come complete with a PVC cap stock; it will lead to discoloration of the decking where the mat is placed.

AZEK, Timbertech, & Zuri decking has been tested against various household products, such as suntan lotion, BBQ sauce, coffee, ice tea, etc to ensure a spill will not discolor your deck. However, if a spill does occur, wipe it up IMMEDIATELY. If allowed to sit for an hour or more you will notice stains on your deck boards.

Painting: All PVC fascia board, risers, and stringers will accept paint. However, it is not something we perform nor recommend.

Scuff Mark Removal & General Cleaning

If you happen to scuff your new AZEK or Zuri decking and would like to remove it, we recommend using “Magic Eraser” by Mr. Clean.  We have found that this has been the best method for scuff mark removal.

For general cleaning, the manufacturer recommends most cleaning supplies but we have found that the following list of cleaners work the best:

  • 505 Cleaner
  • Spray Nine
  • Simple Green

Winter Time Snow Removal

If you need to remove snow from your deck please do so with care. You may use a shovel to remove snow from the deck but be sure to use a shovel that DOES NOT have a metal edge. We recommend a shovel that is made completely out of hard plastic.

For Ice Issues: It is acceptable to use rock salt or calcium chloride on your PVC or Composite deck board. Either material may leave behind a small amount of residue but can be easily washed off of the boards with warm water.

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