Father’s Day: Giving Dad The Ultimate Man Cave

It’s that time of year again: Father’s Day! Though we should let our dads know we love them everyday, Father’s Day is the perfect time to show our appreciation. Dads have a lot on their shoulders, dealing with work, bills, kids, and the everyday stresses of life, and they deserve to have a place to decompress. In the last 10 years, the ‘man cave’ was brought to life. A man cave is essentially “a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities”, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. We have put together a step by step guide for creating the ultimate man cave for your dad this Father’s Day

Step One: Pick a Location You can really create a man cave anywhere in the house, whether it’s a basement, a garage, a shed, a spare room, or any other secluded area. The idea of a man cave is to be a little getaway from the rest of the household, so choose a location that is relatively quiet and has some sort of privacy.

Step Two: Cleaning Out the Old Chances are, the space you have chosen is not completely empty. To start your remodel, organize and remove any belongings that do not belong in the man cave. However, while you are cleaning out, looking for items that could be useful in the space, i.e. furniture, pictures, ect.

Step Three: Getting Down & Dirty Now that the space is empty, it’s time to do a deep clean. Scrub the walls, vacuum the floor, wash the windows, make everything like fresh and new. Also take this time to inspect the area for things that may need to be renovated. This is the best time to add a fresh coat of paint, replace old door handles, and make any repairs that need to be made.

Step Four: Decorate & Furnish Finally, here’s the fun part! Think about the things your father enjoys: video games, fishing, golf, beer, ect. Whatever it may be, use those ideas for your decorating. Great places to look for niche decor are stores like HomeSense and Home Goods, that receive a surplus of unique and diverse items you can’t just find anywhere. You can also find just about anything on Amazon. If you want to go really big, check out Ebay for signed memorabilia and one of a kind items.

We hope you find this article gives you some ideas for your Father’s Day. No matter if you decide to create a luxurious man cave or not, just spending time with you dad will let him know you care. If you do decide to go through with the man cave, please send us your photos! We would love to see what you come up with. If your home needs more than just a space for dad to relax in, FSBD offers services in kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, and other home remodeling projects. We will get you on the fast track to the home of your dreams.

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