Mother’s Day: Celebrating Mom at Home 2021

Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms don’t always get the recognition they deserve. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to forget all of the things our mother’s do for us. From cooking and cleaning, to always having our backs, it is important to remind our moms (and motherly figures) how much they mean to us and that they are appreciated. Even though not all of us will be able to see our moms this Mother’s Day, we can still make them feel special from a distance!

A great way to remind your mother you care is in the kitchen! Who doesn’t love food? If you are able to spend this special day with your mom, here are a couple ideas you two can do together.

Cooking Up Some Love: Whether it’s breakfast, dinner, or anything in between, cooking is a great way to make memories. If you have any family recipes or cookbooks that have been passed down generation to generation, this is a great time to try them out!

Bake! Bake! Bake!: Who doesn’t love    sweets? It doesn’t matter if it’s from scratch or pre packaged, baking up something sweet is the universal sign for “I love you”!

Of course with the current state of the world, it isn’t always possible to spend time with your mom. However, with the help of modern technology, we are able to video call anyone at the press of a button. If you are unable to be in the same kitchen, no worries! Here are some ways to still do activities with your mother even hundreds of miles away.

Sharing is Caring: Just because you cannot use the same oven, doesn’t mean you can’t bake together! Package up the ingredients and send them in the mail or drop them off to your mom. Connect over Facetime and bake together!

You’ve Got Mail!: Building off of our last idea, food delivery services make it very easy to deliver any kind of food to your mother as a gift! If you live close enough, you could also cook the food yourself and drop it off at her house. Fire up your Zoom account, grab some food for yourself, and have the best virtual Mother’s Day possible!

We hope you take time this Mother’s Day to show your mom and other motherly figures in your life how much they mean to you. If you decide to use any of our suggestions, please be sure to send a photo to us; we would love to see them!

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