Tips For Keeping A Cleaner Kitchen

Summer has arrived! The kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and there are so many fun things to go do. However with all of the constant ‘on-the-go’ activities, it’s hard to find the time (or the desire) to clean. No one wants to spend a sunny day cleaning, especially when you could be laying poolside catching some rays. That is why we have put together this guide for easy tips to keep your kitchen cleaner longer.

Minimalism Goes A Long Way: Less stuff = less mess: It’s that simple. Your kitchen will always look cleaner with less items cluttering the countertops. Try to stick to basics, like everyday appliances, a teapot on the stovetop, maybe a few decor items, ect. Even when your kitchen isn’t at it’s tidiest, it’ll give the illusion that it is.

Timely Cleaning: A great way to be efficient in your cleaning time is to tidy up while you’re waiting for food to cook. At the very minimum, you can at least put the ingredients and cooking supplies away that you used for your meal. But, if you’re waiting 35 minutes for your casserole to cook, you’ve just created a time slot where you have to be in the kitchen so might as well clean while you’re waiting!

Organization Is Key: Designate a home for everything. This will help keep your items organized and make putting things away much easier and faster. It also makes finding things easier, especially when you’re in a time crunch. Make sure all of your containers have labels to avoid confusion in the future. *TIP: When organizing, if you find holiday ware or anything else you don’t use on a regular basis, put them away in storage. This will give you more room for organizing everything you do use regularly and declutter your cabinets.

Schedule It In: Just like you do with all of your other plans, work your cleaning times into your schedule. Designate certain chores for each day of the week to make cleaning less daunting. You can also split these chores up between the members of your household to make cleaning go by very quickly.

We hope these tips help keep your kitchen clean and you stress free. If your home needs more than just tidying up the kitchen, FSBD offers services in kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, and other home remodeling projects. We will get you on the fast track to the home of your dreams.

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