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Porch Design, Build, and Installation

First State Building & Design creates and installs screened-in porches, front porches, side patios, and more. We have decades of experience building small and large projects ranging from elaborate two-story porches to small side entrances. Let our designers show you how to make the most of your home with a porch that suits your style, budget, and property.

‍Does your front door need some sprucing up? Or, are you itching to add some character to your home? Whatever the case, a porch is an essential part of your home. It’s also a prime spot to enjoy nature’s fresh air and sights. In addition, a well-designed and built porch can transform the appearance of your home and function as a place where you’ll spend time relaxing and entertaining friends and family.

What is a porch?

A porch is a covered area, usually at the front, back, or side of a house or building, that provides a space for people to sit or stand outside. Porches can be open or enclosed and are typically built with a roof, floor, and columns or posts to support the structure. They can be used for various purposes, including as a place to relax, entertain guests, or enjoy the outdoors. Porches can be constructed from multiple materials, including wood, brick, and concrete.

Porches are a popular addition to homes because they provide a versatile space for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. They’re also the perfect spot for reading, lounging, relaxing, and even hanging out with your dog.

What types of porches are there?

  • Front Porch

    A type of porch located at the front entrance of a house or building. These porches are often used as a welcoming space for guests and can also be used by homeowners as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The size and design of a front porch can vary greatly depending on the home; porches can be small and straightforward, while others can be large and elaborate, with columns, railings, and other decorative elements. They can be a great place to spend time with family and friends or enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

  • Screen Porch

    This porch or patio area is enclosed with screens, typically made of mesh or fabric, to keep out insects and other small animals while allowing air and light to pass through. This will enable people to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by bugs or other pests and can be a great way to add usable space to a home. They can be attached to the house or freestanding and built out of wood, aluminum, or vinyl framing. They can also be furnished with outdoor furniture, lighting, and decor to make it a comfortable place to relax, entertain or dine.

  • Enclosed Porch

    This type of porch is wholly or partially enclosed with walls and windows. These porches can provide additional living space and be used as a transitional space between the indoors and outdoors. They can be constructed from various materials, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl, and can be outfitted with windows, doors, and screens. The roof of an enclosed porch can be made of shingles, metal, or polycarbonate sheets. They can be heated and cooled, allowing them to be used year-round and decorated with furniture, lighting, and other accessories to make them comfortable and inviting spaces. They can be a great place to relax, entertain guests, or even use as a home office or playroom.

  • Wraparound Porch

    Also called a veranda, it is a porch that encircles at least two sides of a house or building. These types of porches can provide additional living space and enhance a home’s curb appeal. In addition, they are often covered to provide shade and protection from the elements. The size and design of a wraparound porch can vary greatly depending on the size of the home

  • Open Porch

    This type of porch is not enclosed with walls or windows and typically has a roof or overhead structure to provide shade and protection from the elements. They can be a simple platform attached to the house or a more elaborate structure with a roof, columns, and railings.

Plan your porch layout and design

FSBD will design your porch to meet your personal preferences. It’s essential to consider the specific needs of your home and the environment in which it’s situated. This means that you’ll want to plan your porch’s layout and design according to your home’s features, such as its exterior style, roof type, and wall material, and your yard’s features, such as the amount of sunlight and shade it receives. For example, if your porch is situated in the shadow of a tree, you’ll want to ensure that it’s designed to reflect the shade and avoid being too light or bright-toned. Similarly, if your porch is in sunlight, you’ll want to ensure it’s shaded enough to avoid being too hot or cold.

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