Our Process

Major home renovations can be a daunting exercise. We make it easy with our step-by-step process – one that is designed to help our customers understand the variety and styles of today’s materials, as well as the accessories we offer.

Initial Appointment

During your first appointment, an FSBD expert will arrive at your home to listen to your needs and expectations, assess your interior or exterior space, and make suggestions for designs and materials that best fit your budget and needs. Our professional will take accurate measurements of the space which will enable us to provide you with a price range for your project.

Image of three people reviewing proposal on a computer

Choosing the Right Materials and Style

Selecting the style and materials for the project is one of the most important phases of the process. We want you to ensure that the project not only fits into your budget but matches the style and aesthetic appeal you want. Our experienced professionals will walk you through the process, explaining the pros and cons of the various building materials, as well as other options and accessories that are available.

Image of deck with fireplace

3-D Renderings

Once you have approved the design, scope, and materials for the project, FSBD will provide you with a 3D rendering of the complete renovation. This will give you a bird-eye view of the layout and design and enable you to make any changes. Once that is completed, we can finalize the project details and provide you with a formal quotation and contract for construction.

3D Rendering of a project

Signature and Start Date

After acceptance of the formal quote and contract, FSBD will work with you to establish the start date and schedule for the construction of your project.

Image of someone circling a date on a calendar

Project Management

With the start date approaching, FSBD will begin ordering materials for construction. We will establish a point of contact so we can communicate and coordinate delivery, as well as address any other questions that may arise during the construction process. Once the materials have arrived at our warehouse, FSBD will schedule delivery and begin construction.

Project Management button on keyboard

Project Completion

Upon completion of construction, FSBD will ensure final inspection to make sure everything meets with your approval.

Final inspection process